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June 2005 Trip


In June 2005, to celebrate our anniversary and Mike’s birthday, we made another trip to St. Barths, this time for an entire week.  We rented a villa through St. Barths Properties that overlooked Marigot Bay.  It was small, just one bedroom and one bath; but had a private pool and a great view.  The villa was pretty centrally located, with easy access to all the beaches and lots of shopping.  Our favorite beach was Saline, a long, wide beach with no development at all.  To access it, you have to park in a parking lot, walk along a path, then do a bit of rock climbing, and go over a dune!  It’s a lot of work, but well worth it.  Another favorite beach was Baie de St. Jean, which is perfect for swimming since there are almost no waves.  On the other side of the island is Flammands beach, another long wide beach, but it has villas and restaurants lining its edges.  We also went back to Gouverneur, St. Jean and Lorient, which we visited during our first trip.  There is a place to hike on the island as well; a cliff that goes along the edge of Grand cul de Sac which we did one day, and a lookout point where you can see neighboring islands and Colombier beach which is only reachable by boat or an overgrown goat path .  We ate at several great restaurants, including Andy’s Hideaway, K’fe Massi, and La Plage.


Villa Marigot

This is Villa Marigot, our home for the week. 


Villa Pool

This is me in the private pool looking at Marigot Bay below.


Marigot Bay

This is Marigot Bay from the balcony of our villa.


The path to Saline

This is the rocky path leading to Saline beach.  None of the guidebooks tell you about this path!


The pretty path to Saline

This is the path to Saline all the guidebooks show… you reach it AFTER the rock climb!


Baie de Saint Jean

Baie de Saint Jean is perfect for swimming and is usually pretty empty.



Flamands is an idyllic Caribbean beach!



Gouverneur is a secluded beach with no commercial development.  The property on its edge is privately owned.



This is me on the hike we did along Grand Fond.


Lookout Point

This is Mike at the lookout point.  Flammands is in the background.


Lookout Point

This is me at the lookout point.  Behind me is Colombier, and in the distance, the island of St. Marten.


Andy’s Hideaway

Andy’s is a popular casual restaurant on the island.  Their specialty is pizza and it’s always crowded, despite their motto: “Lousy food, warm beer, corked wine and a view of the car park!” 


K’fe Massi

We had a wonderful dinner one night at K’fe Massi.  It is an African themed restaurant.  The food is fantastic for the price; a three course dinner for 29 Euro per person.  Each meal is completed with a complementary shot of vanilla rum.


La Plage

La Plage is located at the Tom Beach Hotel and sits right on the beach. We enjoyed our dinner at a table in the sand, sans shoes!