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This site contains a lot of information about the island, as well as links and a forum.  Anything you want to know about St. Barths you can find here.  A great source of information!


St. Barth Properties, Inc. 

This is one of the most popular villa rental agencies.  The staff is very helpful and the site is easy to navigate.  Another really great link!


Caribbean Direct

This is another site with lots on information about St. Barths, as well as the other islands in the Caribbean. 


St. Barths Online

This site is easy to navigate and has lots of great pictures of the island.  There are also links to some of the restaurants where you can check out portions of the menus.  Since food is such an important part of the St. Barths experience, this provides a lot of information!


***I'd like to give special thanks to the websites linked above for the information provided on this site!***